A button to minimize any widget

Hi there. I have the following situation: I need to add a button, which would show up on any page when a widget is maximized, and hide when there is no maximized widgets. So I’ve added actions:

  1. Project - Maximize widget - Button - Show
  2. Project - Minimize widget - Button - Hide.

This button must also minimize any widget when clicked. How can I do this? what should select in Actions?

Select Project as Target and then select “Minimize all” action.

without opening another topic, I think that “Minimize button” component does not work properly when used to minimize Diorama widget.
The actions run but, even though adding “Bring to front”, the button remains in back of diorama maximized widget that cover it. I tried adding action at the diorama to send back itself when maximized, but nothing.
The Diorama goes in full screen and minimize button remains in the back.
Is it a bug? Any solution?
Thank you,
David P.B.

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