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Виджет анимации меняет свое положение в зависимости от нажатой кнопки на предыдущей странице (выше или ниже), но при нажатии на кнопки следующей странице он снова меняет свое положение (выше или ниже) но относительно предыдущих изменений а не начального положения такое возможно?

Could you share your project file so we can have a look?

Good day. there are two answers “Yes” “No” if yes then 5cm up, if not then 5cm down. but on the next page, the animation should maintain its position depending on the previous answer, i.e. the next answer does not raise or lower the animation again, but depending on the position created by the previous answer.

I’m afraid the forum does not allow me to attach an example

animation.pma (385.6 KB)

I am sending you an example of work

  1. Add global widget level. Create a position binding between level and all animations.


  1. Add level up and level down global buttons that control the position of level widget:


  1. “Yes” button calls Click action for level up button, “No” button calls Click action for level down button


See the example for first three pages: animation_v2.pma (1.3 MB)

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