Create a WordPress Post Using httpRequest

I am trying to create a new wordpress post for a specific site.
The Process is working normally in Postman and Curl.
In Postman the header content-type is configured to form-data. And the Body is configured to title:anytitle
In Flipabit the content-type is configured to form-data. And the Data is configured to title:anytitle
But in flipabit no data/body with post info is delivered in the request.
obs.: I tried to send the following json as data: {“data”:[{“title”:“anytitle”}]} but still not working.

httperro4postman httperro2

Am i missing anythig. Please Help-me.

This works for me:



Thanks @Michael . Really was a Json Syntax error.

I wrote: {“status”: “publish”,“title”: “anytitle”,“content”: “content”} and now is working…

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