Custom opening logo

have a nice day. how to add custom opening logo.

I switched to the paid version

Same as application icon. Upload icon on

yes I did it that way. my logo comes out. 3 or 4 seconds. Then the white order appears. 15 seconds. Then the application opens.Is this way normal.can it be related to the application size.

To speed up app startup time use as few widgets as possible on first page and navigation layer.

Performance Tips:

  1. Hide all widgets unnecessary to the UI
  2. Do not use many widgets on a page
  3. Avoid using groups
  4. Where possible, use tables or lists to minimize the amount of widgets

Hide all widgets unnecessary to the UI at the moment

hello michael.I tried very, very hard but I couldn’t publish apple strede.I will have a request from you.If I send the application file to you pma. and if i give you the information of my apple developer account can i do you.can you help me with this.I really need this.

1.pma developper account
3.firebase account

if i send them to you please can you

is it possible to do this

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