Database how to get to the latest data

hi micheal bişey sorucam.go how can I go to the latest data by pressing the button of google sheet database

I am asking this for another project. I want to go to the last row data in the database

or not the top of the data table. Can I show the bottom up

You can use last row index property


Sort data in a table alphabetically or by increasing or decreasing values using Database Inspector:


Or using actions:


See the sample table_sort.pma (19.3 KB)

thank you very much michael. This problem is solved easily. I am waiting for news from you for other project optimization :slightly_smiling_face:the real problem for me is the previous project

I reached the limit of 500 messages so I’m writing from here

You can create a new Private Message.

I am testing Firebase Storage on iOS. I’ll let you know.

Ok Michael I’m waiting for news from you

It’s fixed now. You need to rebuild your project for iOS.

thank you very much michael.I am testing it immediately

Michael. Works very perfectly. thank you so much.The number of lines in the user login in the future is not a problem,Many users will be registered in the future problem in the future, right

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