How to add all image files(*.jpg) from a database?

I have a directory example c:\cars
can i import all images files from cars by using “cars/.jpg" inside a field in a json file
{“name”:“cars”, “model”:31, “city”:"cars/

what is the best way to reference a folder inside a json/csv database?
(Also Lottie animation support was added in flipabit 2.0 is there a simple tutorial how to use it?)

See video of how to import assets files along with a JSON or CSV

Example assets:

Lottie is still beta. It’s better to use an Animation widget with Animated GIF or MP4:


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I wanted to import all image files by specifying directory instead of using 1.jpg,2.jpg…etc
example all image files inside “cars” folder without explicitly mentioning all the files.

Then how do you plan to display a certain image, if the link to the image is missing in the table?

Could you share some UI screen?

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