Implementing Facebook SDK and Firebase to application made by Flipabit

Hello! Is it possible to implement Facebook SDK and Firebase to app in Flipabit? Thank you very much.

It will be in the upcoming release scheduled for this month.

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Please tell me where i can set facebook application id ?

And flipab implementing facebook deep links ? (

How to optimization application size?
I use only webview and my android app - 40 mb
android studio - 2-3mb

Could you please provide some additional details for what you’re trying to setup and how you expect it to work.

18 MB - is it the minimum APK size in the upcoming version 2.0

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Hi Michael,

When I buy installation for my application in Facebook, I must use deep links to send parameters to WebViev of my application. For example,

I have webview application, it opens my site
I but traffic to deep links = myapp://test?facebook_id=1123123&company_id=123123123
and I’m waiting opportunity get facebook_id & company_id params and send to (webview)

It was added in the upcoming 2.0 version

Where to download version 2.0?
I have 2.0.0101, but not see deep links func

Within one week. This is the beta version published only for Windows (not mobile).

Hi )
I am install 2.0x
Now how I can use deep links ? ))

  1. Add the following action to get deep link url in your app:
  2. Build your app, then install and run it
  3. Open the following link in the browser on device: <a href="comdomainappname://qwerty">Open in app</a>


Custom URL scheme (comdomainappname://) based on your Package Name:


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Deferred Deep Linking working too?

Deferred Deep Linking is just the principle of deep linking into an app that is not yet installed. You can make your own service, e.g.

We plan to add Firebase Dynamic Links in the future.

Although Facebook SDK is already integrated into the Flipabit (for sign in using Facebook). We did not test Facebook Ads. I need time to check it out.

The idea is that the ads that I buy on Facebook go to a specific deeplink, for example testapp://hello?Param=1&acount=2&.

If the user does not have the application installed (usually this is the case) - he will first be sent to the GooglePlay page, after which he will click the “Install” button. After that, if he opens my application - facebook sdk will make a request in the onDeferredAppLinkDataFetched method and pass my parameters for the delayed link (diplink) and I can get the values ​​of param, ads and so on.

This is done to track the effectiveness of advertising companies, if I carry out the purchase of a different audience, etc. This is cross-cutting analytics without which it will not be possible to optimize advertising. It is very important.

I will be grateful if you find in the future tense and figure it out. Unfortunately, the solution on your link will not work like any javascript solution. The handler must directly accept parameters from the SDK.

At the moment, the system only works if the application is already installed on the phone.

Java implementation very simple

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