Installing the fonts

I am coding an App for Windows / Mac. And it uses a specific Font (*myApp.ttf) i created for the App.
When I export the App, just for test, in a different machine, and extract it, the App works, but no font is installed.
Obs: i am yet using the free verson only for testing.

Is it a limitation of the Free Version, since it only extract the App, and generates no package intalation?
Is there how to test in other machine simulating a full instalation?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

If you work on Windows you need to install font for all users, restart Flipabit and then re-export your project:

Otherwise send me your project via PM, also send font that is not working, I’ll check it.

WOW. It worked. Thanks @Michael, you always helpful.
Finishing the app, Loving Flipabit.

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