Project: Product Catalog (search in database)

In this tutorial, we’ll import data from Excel, work with groups, table widgets and actions.

Hello is possible search into catalog???

You can use SQL to filter data from a database:

SQL query:

"select * from data where field4 LIKE '%" + source.content.text + "'"

source.content.text is selected label in the Listview (Country list)

You can find field name in the SQL Designer window

Download the project file

We’ll add search functionality in the upcoming release. It will be simple to use.

Nice support, Team Awesome Tool.
But Maybe search by text is better can you explain?
Attach Db Example

Here is your script:

"select * from data where \
field2 LIKE '%" + document.childByName("Text Search").content.text + "%' \
OR field7 LIKE '%" + document.childByName("Text Search").content.text + "%' \

It will search text in the field2 and field7.

Your project file catalogo_DB_search.pma (1.2 MB)

Nice… your rocks. Good Work Team

Could we do “Live search”? That’s mean, as we type in in, ie 2 charactors, the results will automtically list out without the need to press “search” button?

You can use Text changed event for Text field:

See the example db_live_search.pma (1.1 MB)

Is there a way to search for columnname[“value”]. and if found display the data. I need to make a template for a database(xlsx or json or anything easier )

is this video relevant for flipabit. I am new and i cannot find those as explained in video. the video is using multiprotouch. Is it possible to update the video with flipabit ?

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