Sequential animation for loading cards or listview/gridview

Is there a way to add Number animation and sequential animation as shown

What I am planning is that there are some cards with some info.Those needs to be animated on entering the page using sequential animation.
Also how to add a scale up and then scale down animation

Map is a widget (group of widgets) or table element?

sorry didnt understand what you meant.
cards look similar to this

those needs to be loaded sequentially animated

Sorry. Card is a widget (group of widgets) or table element (connected to a database)?

There is no problem to animate a widget or a group like in your example.

Its actually a listview with a template
1 2

can you send an example showing this?

It doesn’t work out of the box, but I will try to find an appropriate example.

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Is it suitable for you, to use for example 6 groups instead of a table widget?

well ,I am loading the content from a database and some of them have 3 instead of 6 . Using listview i dont have to hide remaining three ,it loads dynamically .Using 6 groups will not work in this particular case but there is an page in which i have used 6 groups to show text similar to these.

OK. I’ll send you an example soon.

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hi do you have any solution for this?
if not its fine.If you have it please do send it.

We add this feature to the Flipabit Editor. It will take few days.

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