Some suggestions for UI improvement and feature request

Hi Flipabit developers,
we are really happy to use Flipabit its a great tool !
Although there are certain things bothering me also few suggestions.

  1. While zooming in/ out the scroll bar is missing in the viewer.
  2. Is there any chance you will add support for python support?
  3. can you add a feature to directly import psd, sketch or adobe xd or figma / inkscape (this would make the software much better and faster for development)
  4. Is there a way to see the imported images in a folder (like the qrc file in qt ) also replace images directly .
  5. adding usage animations to indicate scroll function.
  6. Adding support for Linux (Qt is widely supported in linux so it might be easy to do)
  7. Possibility to see the generated Qt Qml codes .
  8. Updated documentations and example usages for most commonly used applications, as well as video tutorials

Once again thanks for making Flipabit its a great tool but can be made even better.
Thanks !

I have a suggestion.When the project size is large. The white screen is waiting for a long time. Then the application opens.replace white screen instead of it is better to write loading article

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yes this is a nice suggestion.

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