The difference of publishing on apple storer and testing on the phone

The project prepared with apple distribution certificate cannot be tested. Is this normal?

Use the Ad-Hoc profile for initial testing of your app on your defined devices, before submitting to the App Store.

Use the App Store profile for submitting to the App Store or using TestFlight (for beta testing).

It’s important. You cannot run the .ipa signed by the App Store profile. On the other hand you will not be able to publish to App Store the .ipa signed by the Ad-Hoc profile.

Michael will have a request from you.If I give you my apple developer account and my firebase account, would you publish it for me once?is it possible. later i will check and try to solve the process because i’m so new and eager to learn.

I respect if it’s not possible

Sorry. It’s not possible.

When you do it for the first time, the process can be stressful and even irritating in some cases, because it requires the experience and specific knowledge to publish app to Apple store.

You do not need a iOS App Development profile. Use Ad Hoc for testing and App Store for publishing. It’s important that you need to use an Apple Distribution certificate.

Thank you very much for your interest and are a great person. thank you very how many days does it take to review .I will try to achieve it myself slowlymicheal apple application on average

average how many days it takes apple to check the app.estimated

? Do you many days it takes to review

The process takes a week or so.

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